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Upgrading ASUS RT-AC66U to TomatoUSB

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ASUS RT-AC66U – TomatoUSB (Shibby) on the ASUS RT-AC66U The popular TomatoUSB firmware now supports the ASUS RT-AC66U 1.75Gbps wireless router. The TomatoUSB (Shibby) firmware fully supports AC-mode (802.11ac) on 80MHz channel width. Some features of TomatoUSB firmware: Very advanced QoS (Quality of Service) configuration Advanced wireless configurations (WDS, wireless client modes, etc) Graphical bandwidth usage monitor Printer server: access… Read more »

Tomato by Shibby Ver 131

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On August 6 Shibby has released new version of Open Source Router firmware called Tomato by Shibby. Tomato Firmware is high customizable and easy on low end routers. New version of Tomato (Mipsel and ARM) is now available. Link to Shibby’s website : Link Changelog [RELEASE] 131 All versions – lot of improvements in 4G/LTE support * support huawei_ether module… Read more »

SonicWall: Configure a Firewall (TZ series) to Permit WSUS Downloads

Occasionally, SonicWall firewalls will block WSUS downloads. You can correct this by accessing a “hidden” page in the SonicWall interface, as follows: Logon to the SonicWall interface. Change the file name at the end of the URL to diag.html. Check the “Enable HTTP Byte-Range requests with Gateway AV” checkbox. Click the Apply button to save changes

Turn Your $80 Router into a User-Friendly Super-Router with Tomato

How is Tomato Different From DD-WRT? Tomato and DD-WRT are the two most popular and sought after alternative firmwares. As for many networking devices, usage and results may vary based on conditions and users. Here is where we see the most difference between DD-WRT & Tomato : Reason #1: Tomato By Shibby  has more consistent support and functionality with OpenVPN, PPTP… Read more »

List of routers supported by my Shibby Tomato MOD

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List of routers supported by my Shibby Tomato MOD. Model CPU Type CPU Freq LAN Flash/RAM Version Notes Asus RT-N10 A1 R2 300 100 Mbps 4/16MB K26 Only build52 and earlier! B1/C1 are not supported Asus RT-N10P R2 300 100 Mbps 8/32MB K26RT-N v114 and newer Asus RT-N10U A1/B1/C1 R2 300 100 Mbps 8/32MB K26RT-N Asus RT-N12 R2 300 100… Read more »