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Having GPS problems with iOS 8.4?

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Reset Network Settings Once we upgraded IOS from 8.3 to 8.4 we started having issues with GPS, we have reseted network settings If disabling and enabling Location Services doesn’t help, then try to reset Network settings. Please note that you will need to reconfigure Wi-Fi and VPN settings after resetting Network settings. Launch the Settings app. Navigate to General > Reset…. Read more »

HOW TO: Withdrawing USD from a PayPal Account (Avoid CAD conversion!)

If you want to avoid converting your USD monies to CAD whilst withdrawing in PayPal, here’s a quick guide based on my personal experience. Step 1: Open an Umpquabank USA Bank in Blaine Umpquabank has free checking g which gives you Umpquabank Visa Debit Card  You can send Money from PayPal to the bank and get cash out or you can use Card… Read more »

American Address, package services 5dpackages

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Want to purchase online but they only ship to the U.S? No worries! There are package services right across the border to help you and I am here to provide you with the one I recently use and like.If you use [] this link to sign up and make sure that the referral code is 6999SV, you can get a… Read more »

Nortel Norstar PBX — How to reset Admin password to VMAIL

Fortunately I have documentation available from previous IT Admin but still we weren’t able to use Feature 983 I have tried all available passwords but cannot log on to the system – I am following all the steps and still getting error “Password invalid“. Nortel systems are little different, the software for client is very obsolete and cannot be installed… Read more »